1. What does GreyHill Capital Holdings offer Investors?

    We offer passive “hands off” investments through the form of becoming an equity partner in apartment buildings and multifamily projects that we work on. The most important thing is that we learn first about your investment goals and then determine the right fit from there.

  2.  How is my investment protected? When do I get paid and my money back?

    For an equity syndication deal, you have a percentage ownership of the company that owns the property, like owning shares of a stock. You will receive all the documents confirming that ownership when you sign up. Once the property is stabilized and meeting our financial projections you will start receiving quarterly distribution checks. We refinance the properties and return some or all of investor capital in a set amount of time.

  3. Can I invest with my retirement account?

    Yes. It needs to be rolled over to a Self-Directed custodian to do so. We work with all custodians but have a strategic partnership with Madison Trust Company and have found them very easy to work with. 

  4. What type of returns will I see?

    It is very deal specific.  Please contact us to discuss in detail what type of projects we have in the pipeline. We would love to talk.